Reuben Abati’s Unpardonable Gaffe

To blunder is human – natural. Is it so for super-human writers like Dr. Reuben Abati of the Nigerian Guardian?

About two months after Sahara Reporters blew the gaff on land
allocation in Abuja,Abati still hasn’t owned up his overt sin – his snobbish silence where his integrity is publicly challenged. He has chosen to do what Jesus did before Pilate – keep an all-knowing calm punctuated with ‘Thou sayest’.
So Abati is a god. If you see him in flesh and blood, then he’s a pontiff – unquestionable and infallible.
And to all the internet warriors and blogmaniacs badgering him to talk, go hang yourselves because Abati won’t talk.

I’m afraid Abati might self-destruct if he carried on this pig-headedness .
Check out his writings on Fridays and Sundays ever since this Abatigate broke out. You’ll observe his creative juices have gone sour. His writings are pedestrian, incoherent,and boring.

Sometimes he’s gratuitously amorous (as read in Queen Okoye: Raped by Policemen), or voyeurish in some others.
OK.I learnt he used to churn out obscenity for The Hints before
he crossed over to The Guardian. Now his erotic muse makes him snoop around god-forsaken places to gather materials for his columns. The wit, the punch, the humour that used to sell his writing to his readers are gone.

That’s what blunders can do to a genius.

What everybody – his fan, his fanatic, his foe – wants is some
explanation to clear the air. Not this barren humour or escapist journalism. Except he comes down to our level – the mere mortal level – to explain his part in the Modibbo land generosity, the angel of creativity won’t come back to his study. I swear!

And if Abati – the live wire of The Guardian – begins to rust , then the end might be pretty near.
Maybe we’d hope Alex Ibru – who’s solely interested in where his bread is buttered – would kick his groin and make him talk very soon. Or better still he’ll give him the axe.


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